When it comes to UX process it seems like every designer has one. Let me introduce you mine. Just keep in mind that none of it is set in stone, it's more like a guiding framework. UX process is never a straight line from A to Z. There are a lot of back-and-forth iterations and the process should always be tailored to the product’s needs to make it as effective as possible.


__defining concept of the product;

__stakeholders expectations & business goals;

__why? what problem will the product be solving? how is it done now?

__defining target audience;


__market, competitors, related industries analysis;

__who is the user?

__interviews, surveys;

__brand personality;


__information architecture, analyze existing content;

__creating personas; what users want/need and why?

__user stories, scenarios, flows, experience maps;

__defining user short/long-term goals;


__brainstorm & sketch out ideas;


__low/high fidelity prototypes;

__validate internally;

__visual design; converting wireframes into high-quality designs;

__design specifications/functionality documents;



__usability testing;




__final UI assets;